Video Production

Video Production students will have the opportunity to learn how to produce a movie from the idea stage to a finished product. Video Production 1A will focus on three major themes. The first is Editing where student pairs will learn and practice using "Adobe Premiere Pro" and “Final Cut Pro” digital editing software, which are among the movie industry standards.  The second theme is Short Film Exercises where students will work in small groups of 3-6 to create very short movies to practice the basics of visual storytelling. The third component is Writing the Screenplay which begins with pre-writing exercises and builds to complete a short subject screenplay. Video Production is a two-semester class that fulfills the UC/CSU “VPA” requirement (A-G.) 

Although practical skills are taught and assessed, this class also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, planning and public speaking, which are all very marketable in today's economy.  While many students go on to film school and various journalism and communications programs, many others find work upon graduation in the growing fields of television and video production.

This class satisfies the visual arts requirement for graduation at San Juan Hills High School in the Capistrano Unified School District. It also meets the “F” requirement of the UC/CSU A-G course sequence.

In addition, if a student completes this course earning a grade of A or B, she can receive three (3) transferable credits from Saddleback College.

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