Film Studies

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COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Storytelling is the most common way that we communicate to one another. Stories told with film have a tremendous influence on our attitudes and perceptions of the world around us.  In fact, films may be one of the most powerful tools in modern culture for shaping values and conveying information.  By viewing, studying, discussing and writing about film, students develop and demonstrate skills in technological, cultural, and media literacy, as well as critical thinking and problem solving - skills that will serve them well in the real world. 


Genres and Topics

  1. Silent Film and The Birth of Cinema

  2. Musicals and The Introduction of Sound

  3. Comedies and Censorship

  4. Westerns and The Studio System

  5. War Films and Patriotism and Propaganda

  6. Documentaries and Bias

  7. Film Noir and The Art of Cinematography

  8. Suspense Films and Editing

  9. Dramas and The Role of the Director

  10. Blockbusters and The Film School Generation