Dance with your heart

and your feet will follow



Come discover your passion for dance at San Juan Hills

The San Juan Hills Dance Program offers an exciting and enriching program to every individual. It provides our students all aspects of dance training and performance opportunities. It provides training in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater and various styles of jazz including but not limited to character and stylized jazz. Each dancer will have the opportunity to experience proper stretching exercises, alignment, strength and body conditioning. It also fosters the development of student choreography and encourages individual discipline, creative expression, and leadership. Students will experience working with various professional dance artists and will perform in the winter collaboration concert and the spring dance concert. They will also work collaboratively and showcase their own choreography in a concert early spring. It is our goal that individuals who graduate from the program will be confident in their movements and their training and will feel inspired to continue dance in college or at a professional level either in choreography and/or performance.


Instagram: @sjhhsdance