AP 3D Art & Design


This is a college level course where students will create a 3D portfolio. It will provide students the opportunity to develop skills in: Inquiry and Investigation; Making Through Practice, Experimentation, and Investigation; Communication and Reflection. Students will engage in specific learning activities that develop and integrate thinking, making, and writing skills.

Portfolio Overview & Requirements

In early May, ALL students will complete a 3D portfolio. It is extremely encouraged to submit this portfolio to the College Board for scoring. Portfolios will consist of digital photographs documenting completed artworks being sent in for review.  Artworks must photographed in a clean and professional manner. If students receive a passing score of a 3, 4, or 5 on their portfolio, they may receive college credit for the class.  

Students must create a minimum of 10 artworks to complete the two portfolio sections (Sustained Investigation and Selected Works) 

Section 1: Sustained Investigation: 10 artworks/images 

The sustained investigation requires an in-depth personal commitment as the student follows the inquiry process. This section is based on a ‘guiding question’ that is important or intriguing to the student, as they will commit a majority of year to this body of artwork. Each student will have their own unique inquiry to explore that can connect to interests, other classes, personal experiences, and more. The student has a lot of freedom here, but needs to commit to their investigation. Prior to starting the to develop the artwork, the teacher must approve the inquiry and dialogue must continue throughout the school year.  Students will not only be assessed on the final artwork, but also how they demonstrate the inquiry process of researching, revising, documenting, and planning. Maintaining a sketchbook for this process is essential, as photographs of well developed pages and research will be required. (See photos below for samples)

The student will also type a written commentary addressing the following:

  • Clearly and simply state the guiding question of your sustained investigation.

  • Explain how the work in your sustained investigation demonstrates your intent and the exploration of your idea. You may refer to specific images as examples.  

Section 2 : Selected Works: 5 artworks, 2 images of each (Works may come from the sustained investigation section)

For the quality section of the portfolio, five works must be selected for excellence of original work and mastery of 3D sculpture. These artworks should demonstrate quality and must show mastery in concept, composition, and execution. These works may be from the sustained investigation section or completely separate. They do not need to be related in anyway. Students are required to write about the Materials, Ideas, and Process for each of the 5 artworks. 

Course Details:

The first quarter of this course will be designated as a “Materials & Methods Bootcamp”, where the goal is to get students comfortable and acquainted with as many mediums as possible. I will be providing prompts and assignments to help students in developing artworks. During this time we will also be diving into the portfolio requirements, looking at student sample portfolios, and beginning to explore individual inquiry questions.

For the remainder of the school year, until portfolios are due in May, each student will launch into their individual Sustained Investigation or inquiry process. At this point I will be providing students with deadlines, but I will NOT be assigning students specific projects as they will all be on their own artistic journey. We will be holding regular critiques as a class to discuss artworks, offer advice and encouragement. I will also regularly be meeting with students individually to help guide them through their inquiry process.

More information can be found on the College Board website.

For any questions or additional information please contact:

Avery Arman


@mrsarmanart on instagram for regular updates of student work